Thursday, April 06, 2006

This is Bibo and Bibi

These are our friends Bibo and Bibi.
Bibo works with my husband Toni.
Bibi does not.
Bibo likes photography.
Bibi likes to shop.
Bibo has a huge dog named Vincent.
Vincent is probably bigger than Bibi although we haven't actually measured them.
Bibi is the nicest girl I have met in Rome.
She has an older sister who is not so nice.
Bibo also has an older sister.
I am told my husband was once very much in love with her. hmmmmm....
Bibo likes to watch football.
Bibi does not.
Bibo spends lots of money on shoes.
Bibi has admitted to owning over 300 purses.
Bibo always looks very stylish.
Bibi too has a good sense of style.
They are Italian. I guess it comes naturally.
These are our friends Bibo and Bibi.


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