Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Help! I've just lost 3 hours of my life!

I have just spent three hours (yes, THREE HOURS) online looking at hollywood and celebrity gossip blogs. WTF???? what happened? How did three hours of my life just get snatched out from right under my nose? I was just craving a little teeny tiny slice of my American fashion and celebrity gawking and missing my Sunday NY Post which shows like 6 pages of celebrity sightings and who's dating who and I thought oh, I just want to see if Angelina has had her baby yet (no she hasn't but apparently her baby is more famous than Jesus at this point and he will be born in Africa) and I was sucked in! I feel like I have been molested and there's a really nasty taste in my mouth. Oh, I feel like Scarlet Johansson when she had her bb felt up on the red carpet by some creepy interviewer. Eeeewwwww! And what have I gained from this? Well, I now know that Tom Cruise will be eating his newborn baby's placenta and that Gwenyth Paltrow has really really bad taste in baby names. And Linsay Lohan and Kate Moss are new BFF while Mariah Carey just needs to fire her publicist. Please Please Please don't let me ever waste my life like this again. Please!


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