Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Italian sport fanatics

Roma lost 7 to 1 against Manchester last night in the nationals league. I'm not a huge soccer (ahem, football) fan but the city was certainly drab today despite the beautiful sunshine. If Rome had won 7-1 the atmosphere would have been more along the lines of horn honking and bellowing out the windows. Apparently this is the first time in history for a nationals team to lose by so much. Way to go Roma!
And why is it that every Italian I know is absolutely fanatical about soccer, oops, I know every country has their fans and devotees but it seems Italy is way more obsessed than the others. Am I wrong here? In fact, I've only met one Italian in my life that didn't care for football. My husband's friend whom I'll call Mr. C. And just for the record, Mr. C doesn't like the moto GP either. Unheard of for any male Italian over the age of 12. Every Sunday you can walk into any house in Rome and find no less than 5 males huddled around the tv cheering for Valentino Rossi. Or Melandri. Or both. Valentino who has the phrase "viva la fica!" plastered across the neck of his uniform. (yes, fica in this case is vulgar and yes it refers to a female body part). That's how cool the moto GP is.
Mr. C I really respect you.
Other news today that I want to share is how much I love my dog. yeah, yeah, how boring and sophmoric to post about my dog but I just can't help it. Anyone who owns a pet can probably relate.


Blogger Texas Espresso said...

i understand pet love! i feel the same way about my cat =) my italian hubby is not a big soccer fan or moto. neither is cyndy's from re-boot. so see there are 3 total in Italy! lol
(and i think theyre a bit too fanatical as a whole about soccer - we aren't even that bad about football!)

Friday, April 13, 2007 4:30:00 PM  

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