Friday, April 28, 2006

Art Povera: my new art project

The strange things I do in my spare time....
I have a confession to make.
I like to reinvent and remake and realize new art from my old art. I was always taught in art school to move forward once you complete a project but I love to go through my old ideas and ponder about what I was thinking and what i was going through at that time.
Well, I never listen to what I'm told anyhow.

These are stills from a video I made last year using this super fantastic computer program called max/jitter. Basically I programmed a "patch" (official name) that allowed me to motion track what was fed into a video camera. The camera was plugged into the computer and recorded a close up of my hands putting bandaids on all my fingers. As my hands moved a random text/poetry was generated which moved according to where and when my hands entered the video field. It's such a great program and I miss having access to all the great equipment and computers that I had at graduate school. (sigh). I guess that's what I paid the big bucks for.
But now that I'm living here in Italy I'm thinking of going more low-budget. Just call it Art Povera. Or call it If I Had An Unlimited Budget Think Of All The Things I Could Do But I Don't So I Can't So I'll Make Low Budget Instead.


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