Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One of THOSE Days

It's been one of those days. The kind that starts out great and just spirals downward from there. DH and I got in a huge fight today. We went for a walk in the park and by the time we came home we weren't even speaking to each other. Some nasty words were said (well, if you count ***hole and idiot as nasty) and feelings were hurt (mine, not his). He left to go to his friend's house asking if I wanted to tag along in which I abruptly sniffed "NO." So now I am fiendishly seeking advice from online internet quizzes about if we are right for each other (he should know he needs to apologize before he leaves otherwise I will start to obsess and do stupid things like take online internet quizzes! I might even break out the SATC dvd's and pour myself a glass...or two...of wine).
First quiz I took is the The Love Test and and my result was - True Love.

True Love
Take The Love Test today!

Cue the Tchaikovsky music--you're in love. If your friends and family members aren't already sick of hearing you talk about your significant other, they will be soon. You are the envy of every single person, so don't flaunt it too much. Enjoy the happily ever after!

hmmmph! :(
So I decided to try the "Is He the One for You?" test thinking that might be more accurate. Oh wait, we are both Libras: is that a bad sign?

He's sweet!
Take Is he the one for you? today!

But is he sweet enough? You will have your ups and downs but if you both feel the same way and work at your relationship, you never know!

Well, I am not happy with that result either. So now I want to have a go at the Which Historical Lunatic are You?

I'm Charles the Mad. Sclooop.
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?

You are Charles VI of France, also known as Charles the Mad or Charles the Well-Beloved!

Well, I guess I am a little crazy , stubborn, and prone to episodes of severe sensitivity being that I am an artist and all...but I just don't want to be the first to apologize. Did I mention childish as well?
Oh, no! Does that mean I have to apologize first? Can't we just pretend it never happened?


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