Monday, May 15, 2006

Giddy in Gaeta

We spent the weekend in Gaeta along the tyrrhenian coast between Rome and Naples. It was so amazingly gorgeous and relaxing (despite having loads of tourists even though it's only the middle of May). I even swam in the frigid water but it was a dream. So clear and blue-ish green. There is a medieval castle overlooking the town and it was just so picturesque and charming. I didn't want to go back to Rome.

Looking outside our window.

Aloe and more aloe...


These little guys were outside all the windows.
(for those non-Euro folks, they are used to keep the shutters open)

In the morning we made Naples style coffee (cafe Napolitano). Mmmmm.....really tasty. You boil the water on one side and when it's ready you flip it over and pour the coffee into your espresso cups with a hint of sugar.

In the afternoon we ate kumquats from a tree and just enjoyed a lazy afternoon in the sun.

I can't wait to go back. I would also like to see Sperlonga, it's supposed to be smaller than Gaeta but just as lovely. Hope to return soon!


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